How can I solve the userinit.exe application error (0xc0000003) in Windows XP?

Kyem Ghosh April 24, 2012
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A few days ago, when I was logging on to my PC, I got an error dialogue box on the Welcome screen which stated ‘Userinit.exe application error – The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000003). Click OK to terminate’ and my PC stopped loading except the desktop backgroud.

I searched Google for it but I got results for 0xc0000005, 0x0000022 etc. I followed the steps to solve it where it said to access the PC in safe mode, then open the task manager and to end process userinit.exe. I did but couldn’t find the ‘userinit.exe’ under the process tab.

I scanned the whole computer with my fully updated Avast, ran C-Cleaner and etc, but nothing happened. Finally I tried to repair my XP with my Windows XP CD using Command. But the interesting thing is that it couldn’t access the system32 folder where I could replace or repair the userinit.exe file.

Everything failed and I needed to format the OS and reinstall it. But still I’m struggling hard to solve and get a valid solution for this problem which I found to be a major one!

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