How can I solve a problem with .lnk file associations in Windows 7?
Question by Pradeep /
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I have all my files opening in Windows Media Center. I have downloaded the .exe file suggested by your website, unzipped it and added it to the registry. However, I observed no change. Please someone help me out!!!

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Answers (15)
  • Abutaren_banumba

    thanks for help it work

  • Edris

    my all programs type changed to ink file type can any one solve my problem????????????

  • ?zor

    hey tina, keep scrolling but I can't find the .lnk.... 

    • Tina


      the link to the registry fix can be found as option #2 in the very first reply by Aibek to this question:

      Or just download the fix here:

  • Leasi

    It worked nicely. Thank you!!!

  • Tina


    were you able to fix the file association with the above tips? Please update us. Thank you!

    • kfur

      the .INK thing for vista works in windows 7!!!! i am so glad i found this site!!! inkfix_vista..... its the bomb!!! thnx ppl

  • Tina


    I assume you followed the instructions to solve the problem in either this question or that question.

    What do you mean you 'added it to the registry'?
    Do you mean you unzipped and ran this program (link will download it) which applies changes to the registry?
    Did you reboot your computer after doing that and still no changes?

    As described in the first article mentioned above, you can also fix the .lnk file association manually. I will copy and paste from Aibek's answer:

    - Go to Start -> "Control Panel" -> Click on Porgrams
    - Click on "Default Programs"
    - Click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program." to open the "Set Associations" menu.
    - Scroll through the list of extensions to locate the .lnk file extension. The listing will show the description and the current default program associated with it.
    - Click on the extension (to select it) and then click on "Change Program."
    - Select the program you would like to open *.lnk file types.
    - Click on OK.

    Did you try that? Please let us know so we can assist you further in case it didn't work!

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