What is the best software to design a tri-fold brochure?
Question by Larry /

I need a simplified program to update or design a tri-fold brochure. Any on the web?

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Answers (5)
  • Larry

    Voila !! I was able to complete the project. Thanks for the advice. I used Serif Page Plus, and made a pretty good product. I somehow had a problem downloading Scribus and finally gave up on it. Thanks to all who replnded.


  • pceasies

    I’ve always used Word. Make sure you change it to 3 column and make sure the margins on all edges are uniform so when you fold it, everything lines up.

    It’s not the best, but it works. If you’re having trouble with what column ends up where, just put numbers in each column and print off a sample. Stick it back in the printer and print on the other side for a double sided tri-fold.

  • Joh

    You can use Scribus for more accurate design

  • Oron Joffe

    well, I don’t know about the *best* package, but Serif Page Plus will do the job nicely. It’s commercial software, but the ‘Starter Edition’ version is free and perfectly usable. In the past, I’ve also used Office packages (MS Office, LibreOffice) to do such leaflets and, so long as the needs were fairly basic, they also worked well.

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