Which software is used to compress a 3 GB file to a 9 MB rar file?
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Just today I downloaded Windows 7 final retail version from Rapidshare. It was just a 9 MB .rar file, but when I extracted it, it became exactly 3.49 GB. I even installed Windows 7 from it for dual boot with XP.

I know they used a compression software. But which software do they use for such conversion? Please answer me.

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Answers (14)
  • Tina

    Tested and appears to be legit. 9MB extracts to 3+GB file when disconnected from internet (no download). No guarantees for file safety, though.

  • star

    Dont use KGB waste of time Some People Making with rar find that which compressed 3.46 gb to 9mb i shocked and its working.

  • Hit143_shah

    i want the software which can convert gb files in to mb example : 6 or 7 gb file in to 60 or 70 mb files so please help me with some type of this kinda software ...

    • Tina


      you are looking for a software that can compress files. The type of software depends on the type of file you wish to compress.

      I recommend that you ask a new question via the respective button on MakeUseOf Answers.

  • Jamonrott

    here it is;

    How to compress like that?

  • Ricardo

    i have the same question i downloaded a 16MB .rar file from megaupload and it had another .rar file wich had a 6GB .ISO, how is that possible???

    • Tina


      so you're saying the 16 MB .rar file contained a second .rar file, which in turn packed a 6 GB .iso file.

      If you can provide the link to that 16 MB .rar file, I think you should post this as a new question. This question is fairly old and unlikely to receive new answers.

  • Oron Joffe

    Most installation files in already compressed (in .CAB) files, so 3.5 GB into 9MB is just not possible. What you got was probably an installer which downloaded the rest of the installation files, as others have suggested.

  • Varun Kashyap

    Yeah, I have heard similar things about KGB archiver, but it is too slow for practical use if you go for maximum compression. 3.5GB to 9MB seems a real stretch though.

  • ænon1mus

    It could have been a 9mb installer as Taty pointed out. I highly doubt that 3.5GB of code can be compress to 9mb. Perhaps we can help you better if you linked to the item in RapidShare.

  • Anonymous

    I have heard of something - maybe not by quite as much but a Vista install being shrunk down to 80mb using this http://kgbarchiver.net/ If you do find the application or how it was done let us know. Also share the rapid share link so I can check it out and see if I can find out what the compression app was.

    What was the extension?

  • Jack Cola

    Are you sure it wasn't just hundreds of 9mb files that if you open one, it extracted (or shows) a 3.5gb file?

    I am not aware of any software that compresses a file that size to 9mb, so there could have been many 9mb rar files or as Taty said, downloaded of the internet.

    If a piece of software does compress it that much, why haven't the torrentors got onto it, and what will the need of a high bandwidth allowances?

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