Why won’t my Windows 7 PC boot reliably?

12 Oct 2011
12 Oct 2011 | |

When I boot my computer, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 rarely boots and the “Windows failed to start” message appears with options to “Launch Startup Repair” or to “Start Windows Normally.” Choosing “Starting Windows normally” will sometimes result in Windows booting. Startup repair never works. I also sometimes receive a hang cursor in the top left corner of a black screen when I boot the computer, or a hanging “Starting Windows” screen. The system sometimes hangs before POST is achieved.

When Windows 7 is running the “sleep key” works and “wake from sleep key” works every time. Rebooting to perform Windows updates works fine. I’ve had the same problems with two different mobos. The current on is an ASRock P5B-DE is. I suppose this gives the mobos a clean bill of health. All other components have been unchanged. Memtest found no issues, and neither did Disk Checker. Here’s my hardware.

Q6600 Core 2 Quad
4 x 2048@400Mhz DDR2 800
Nvidia PCI Express GeForce 9500GT with 1024Mb ram. 3 sata hard drives.
Disk Management “Snap in” gives
Disk 0 Hitachi….E System,Active,Primary Partition.
Disk 1 Hitachi….D Active,Primary Partition
Disk 2 WDC….C Boot,Pagefile,Active,Crash Dump,Primary Partition.

I tried ACPI HPET in BIOS enabled and disabled but no change – didn’t know what I was doing really.

By the way, thanks to all you guys who replied to my post about improving search engine hits and respect to whoever posts a reply to my question.

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