Which smartphone would you recommend for me: the Sony Xperia M Dual, Nokia Lumia 620 or Nokia Lumia 525?

Yashodhan B January 15, 2014
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I am in great need of the help & expertise of all of you to pick one smartphone out of these:

  • Sony Xperia M Dual
  • Nokia Lumia 620
  • Nokia Lumia 525

I need it for my Mom, a working woman, so the constraints of good quality camera or high internal storage are irrelevant in my case, but this does not mean that I can blindly go for Sony Xperia M Dual with only 4 Gig internal storage (1.41 usable – a pity).

Also I read somewhere that no third party app can be installed on micro SD card in Sony Xperia M Dual. Is that so ? Please do suggest.

Also suggest whether to skip Nokia Lumia 620 only because of 0.5 G RAM considering the fact that she doesn’t multitask or game much.

Furthermore, she needs to have a cell with appreciable amount of battery backup. The budget is around 12K with brand preference of Sony, Samsung & Nokia only.

I have browsed a lot, searched a bit but my heart seems to be at cross purposes with my mind. Hence the help needed.
Eagerly waiting for your valuable responses.

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