Why do many sites not accept capital letters in email addresses?
Question by Patrick /

On many sites, I try to put in my email address and no matter what, the first character is a capital and I can’t change it and then the site won’t accept it because it’s not an accurate email. Please help. It’s killing me.

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Answers (2)
  • James Bruce

    Hmm, great technical answer from ha14. However, I think I can cut it down somewhat…

    Your email address does NOT start with a capital letter, even if you think it does. So, stop worrying. Type it in all capitals if you like, it doesn’t matter one bit.  

  • Anonymous

    in real life, e-mail systems almost never differentiate between upper and lower case so something else must be amiss, The local mailbox part, however, is case sensitive, Since the case sensitivity of email addresses can create a lot of confusion, interoperability, it would be foolish to require email addresses to be typed with the correct case. Hardly any email service or ISP does enforce case sensitive email addresses as a solution type the email address in a word processor (MS Word works) and then paste the address in sites.

    Try another internet browser.

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