How can a single core processor run multiple tasks at once?

suresh November 21, 2011
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In a computer with single core processor, only one task is said to be running at any point of time.

Now, I have doubts. When I’m hearing music, at the same time I’m converting some video into mobile format and at same time editing my document in my single core Pentium processor. So more than one task is running. But I didn’t feel as if only one task or process was running.

I see that all the three tasks are running without interruption and I even think they run in parallel. If only one task was running at any point and also if CPU switched between various processes or tasks, then when I would hear music without interruption and if CPU switched one task to other, another task would have to wait for its turn and that time the music playback or video conversion may stop, but I didn’t feel that. So help me on this topic. Thanks in advance.

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