How can I show hidden data on a USB drive?
Question by Osama /
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There is a strange malware/virus at the PCs at my university library, which cause the data on a USB drive to vanish apparently. Whenever I plug a USB in those PCs and then open it at my home, even after scanning and removing viruses with updated NOD32 in my PC, all pre-existing data in the USB is invisible.

When I check the space occupied by data, it is still as much as it was before, which means the data is still there. Note that I know the option to show hidden files and folders, but this data is still invisible and I am very frustrated because this happens every time.

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Answers (17)
  • irfan ali

    thanx a lot bro & many many duwayen . sir g..............

  • johnsmith

    cool software..thnx alot

  • abhishek

    download"USB show" from internet
    it just recovered all my files within a minute

  • jedcross

    wow! the software usb show is really good, i can see and open all my files that were hidden because of some file corruption virus, well thanks @ha14 for the post.

  • aaa

    no guys not working for me non of the tips above :-(

  • Elton

    software works very good.
    thank you

  • muthuvelu

    good tips nice
    Thank you ...

  • Murugarajr

    USBSHOW is a exalant tool to use recover virus affected USB

  • lovebird

    FRIENDS ITS 1000000000000000% great software do use it


    USB Show ;
    It is a free little portable tool that shows all hidden files inside the USB Drive. Insert your USB Drive, launch USB Show executable file and hit Recovery The Hide File button to recover all hidden files. The developer’s language is Espanol, therefore the app starts in Espanol language by default. Change language to English,

  • baba123

    Just press Tools button on window links, press folder options, then a new window will pop up, click view tab... and in the list, there should be a sub folder option, which lets you choose to show hidden files, press apply then ok.
    all files will show, hidden also but faded, right click select them all and click properties, then make sure there is nothing in the hidden check box!
    duuuude sweeet! job done and bob is still your uncle!!! xx

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