Should I upgrade Windows XP to a newer Windows?
Question by Roomy Naqvy /
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I have Windows XP. I haven’t upgraded to either Vista nor to Windows 7. Is it better to upgrade?

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Answers (46)
  • Damir Tu?kar

    I would not upgrade if there is not a big reason to do it ! I mean, only if some "new SW" I want to use, requires Win 7. VISTA is the "same" as XP, so no point to upgrade.... However if your PC is older than 5 years do not upgrade, it's not worth the efforts and expected benefits. But keep in mind, this is only one opinion, so ask for "another opinion"...

  • Saurabh Kumar

    yes i think u should upgrade.......... to win 7. there are many features which i liked in win 7.

  • Alex Slutsky

    Absolutely, go with win7.

    Win XP will soon be unsupported by MS (like some people already posted) thus will make obsolete, so don't take any chances and upgrade :)

  • Rohit Jhawer

    Windows XP is oudated microsoft does not give any support for win xp anymore. Its better to switch to win7 or 8 if your machine supports it. I would recommend you upgrade to win 7 or 8.

  • Austen Gause

    windows xp is a great operating system but if you have a good enough computer to run it i would recommend windows 7

  • Kulwinder Rouri

    You can upgrade to Windows 7. Windows 7 is best to use, but before upgrading make sure your Computer meets the requirement of Windows 7 or any other Windows Version that you want to install.

  • Roshin idi

    If you can, Yes. Windows XP is the best release according to me but it has too many security flaws.

  • Adinamo Alex

    You should really upgrade if your pc support new windows.

  • Effendi Chung

    Depends to your PC or Laptop actually, if like me, you're using a netbook, or a considerably old pc, and you owns an original Windows XP, by all means dont. XP works quite well, and does the job done, without you having to spend extra cash to do exactly the same job. If you're a hardcore gamer with the state of the art rig, by all means do, a lot of games today needs it.

  • Sri Vastav Reddy

    Simply YES...

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