Should I stick to McAfee Antivirus that came preloaded with my PC or should I switch to something else?
Question by Reý Aetar /
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Heard a lot of negative reviews about McAfee, so I want to ask the community is it safe to keep using it?

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Answers (22)
  • Chinmay Sarupria

    If you are currently using McAfee i would recommend you to switch to Bitdefender.

  • Etech Etech

    I would switch. Microsoft Security Essentials works great, and it's free. I've had much better experiences with it than with McAfee.

  • Suvadeep Paul

    According to the review Mcafee internet Security 2013 is more or less a good product.
    Check the links below for reviews:,2817,2412909,00.asp

    If you use your PC for regular purpose, then I think it will do the job. Or else keep Mcafee and then install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free. This is an excellent product and the size after install is 18.4MB (according to Windows 7-64Bit). Its light on resource and detection rate is very good.

    However, if you want to increase the security then you can use Bit Defender Internet Security 2013. Its excellent. Currently topping the review and rating charts. Only cons is, its heavy on your system resource and slow your PC a bit.(Based on your PC configurations)

    Apart from that you can try Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. It is a good product. Protection is strong and moderate on resource.

    However, if you don't want to spend your hard earned money on Anti-Virus Software, then try Avast, AVG or Avira. These three products are really good with basic protection. But keep your Windows Firewall on and uncheck all the exceptions.

  • Tim Brookes

    I would personally ditch McAfee, and would recommend doing so to anyone. For a comparable (if not better, I read that McAfee isn't great these days) experience go for the one we recommend the most, avast!.

    It's a complete package, doesn't come with any daily adverts (like Avira does) and of course is completely free. It was the first free antivirus to contain a sandbox environment which allows you to open potentially damaging files in a safe manner. I think it had this feature before a number of the premium paid services, so they've proven they can innovate and make a good product.

    You get new definitions every day, though I'd recommend turning off the "Avast virus database has been updated!" announcement because it gets annoying after a few months of hearing it. It installs a security suite with a few other programs too, though you can turn everything but what you need off if you want.

    avast! is the best free antivirus, bar none!

  • Anish Parameshwaran

    Only downside to McAfee is that it's subscription based, so It'll work for a year or so and then it will keep harping you to subscribe again. As an alternative to these subscription based anti-virus softwares, try using AVG ( It's free and very effective as an antivirus agent.

  • susendeep dutta

    Even as others are suggesting about the negative reviews,one uses an antivirus for protection and if it fails in certain ares which can be covered by using other solutions either free or paid,then one must go for it rather than sticking with what has been enforced upon.

    So,if your habits are good enough and you are knowledgeable person to deal with any kind of virus issues then keep on using it.

  • Tanveer Ahmed

    use it till the licence expires,
    The uninstall mcafee and buy another antivirus software

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    If you are satisfied with the protection that the current application provide, stick to it! or else go for a better one! it all depends on you requirements!

  • Justin Ellenwood

    This is an ok antivirus. However, it is a resource hog. It is better then free versions but is one of the worst paid versions. Go with BitDefender or F-Secure.

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