Should I buy Office 2010 now or wait for 2012?
Question by Joseph Videtto /
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I have a dual boot system with Windows 7 (on ssd) and XP (on traditional hard drive), but only XP has a legal copy of Windows. Which means I can’t my current version of Office is there some way to get it to run under Windows 7 too.

I really use Office frequently, and it’s a real tease having a Windows 7 on SSD but having to log into my slow XP to use Office.

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Answers (23)
  • luis donis

    better to wait for almost leaves the 2013 version so that this excellent

  • Sashi Peiris

    You should wait. Use a free alternative like LibreOffice or OpenOffice. These programs are compatible with Office

  • Usman Mubashir

    you can crack office 2010 to run on windows 7, but if you want the best, wait and buy office 2013

  • Adriel Tan

    I would say go for 2013, but as you can buy 2010 and get 2013 in a few months for free, I will say buy 2010.

  • Nicki Vigil

    wait for 201w2 but im the meantime download the trial version of the current version...use it for 90 days then find the download extender on the web and reset it and use it for another 90

  • salim benhouhou

    why you use office try or

  • Anonymous

    I would not spend the money on Office. I would look to the openoffice suite. It is compatible with MS Office document formats and in many ways is easier to use. And the price is right. It costs nothing.

  • aniket singh

    That generally only happens if you buy within a month or two of release.

    If you want to wait, you can use the free versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote

  • rohit pandey

    actually you can buy it but if it is not urgent you can wait for somne time for office 13 .
    because it is coming in a market with a major update and feature against office 10.
    till that time you can use other free stuffs like an office.
    enjoy the day!

  • Benjamin Trotter

    MS Office 2013 is only compatible on Win 7 and 8 O/S.

    Microsoft loves to limit the registration keys for their current software. Techinically, as long as you are only running one copy of your license, then it is ok. Here is a MS article on Office installations on dual boots.

    Try Open Office if all else.

    • Joe Videtto

      That's a good suggestion. I tried Open Office, but since I often like to format my docs (excel or word) to fit nicely on a page, I found it much easier to do so with MS office. I also love to play with the formatting and layout of my text. I'm not sure if that's my lack of experience with Open Office, or if the MS tools are really better equipped for that purpose.

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