Should I buy a factory refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100?
Question by Nishant Saumya /
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I have to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with voice call facility. A new Samsung Galaxy tab 2 comes for 19000 INR [Indian National Rupee] while I have just checked a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it comes for 15500 INR.

Should I buy a refurbished one because it’s cheap and repaired?

Anyone who has experience with refurbished products please comment…



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Answers (13)
  • Devansh

    It depends.. refurbished electronics directly from the brand such as Samsung carries warranty and undergoes double inspection. In fact I purchased the same Galaxy Tab P3100 at Rs.13500 from and made a huge savings. The tab is working fine amd what I suggest you should look for the manufacturer warranty which Gobol is providing in this case as major point while buying a refurbished stuff

  • susendeep dutta

    Rs.15500/- is too costly to have this product as a refurbished.Better buy a phone at this price range with big screen possible.

  • Rick

    I purchased a factory refurbished Acer A500 32gb tablet and would not recommend buying refurbished to anyone. In the future, if it is electronic, I will buy new. The limited warranty time is not long enough to discover all that may be wrong with your device.

  • Alex Perkins

    I would safe a little more and then get it brand new, avoid possible (and likely) disappointments.

  • Chris Taylor

    i agree for the small savings you get refurbished is a high risk never had good experience. i dont fall for that anymore

  • Jim Chambers

    I hope Samsung factory refurbs are better than my experience with Lenovo laptop. I got and returned 3 one after the other because each completely failed in less than a day.

  • ha14

    if it is refurbished by Samsung then should be more reliable than from third party sources, final decision should be yours.

  • Bhavuk Jain

    It is available for Rs.16890/- at so you should buy a new one instead of a refurbished.

    • Rajaa Chowdhury

      At it says the list price is some Rs. 23,500 odd and the offer price around Rs. 21,500 odd, so I dunno where you fot this magic figure. If this was the offer price at in India for a new device, there will be a beeline for it. Kindly provide the full url link please of the timtara offer.

  • Drew Butler

    I don't know INR currency but that doesn't seem like a big enough discount to lose the warranty. Not saying that refurbished products aren't good or anything....

  • Ken Gaming

    Nope, don't ever buy refurbished electronics. They won't last for very long!

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