Donna Tirella

How can I share a HP printer connected to my iMAC with my PC laptop?

11 Jan 2012
11 Jan 2012 | |

The iMAC is already connected to the printer. I don’t need to share info between the PC and iMAC. The iMAC has Word 2004 and the PC has Word 2010. My research thus far shows that the HP Printer needs to be compatible with Windows 2007. Also, the iMAC only is connected to the internet.

1. If I upgrade (through the HP website) will my iMAC printing be incapacitated?

2. I have another printer, but I would have to do the same — upgrade online, but I do not have an internet connection. In this instance, is there a CD that can be purchased to upgrade the second printer to the PC without using the internet?

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