Chris G

How do I setup a VPN that also hides my IP address on a local PC?

30 Dec 2011
30 Dec 2011 | |

How do I setup a multi-platform (windows-linux-mac) DIY open source (free!) VPN that will also hide my IP address and give me total privacy? I want to use it for torrent downloads and basically everything else. I primarily run windows 7 64 bit however we own a MacBook and I am slowly learning Linux on an old pc. I also just purchased a Buffalo LS-QVL NAS. I would love to be able to run it off my NAS box. I also have a Billion 7800nl router with VPN passthrough if that helps?

I am after a detailed guide or answer, I am an intermediate PC user. I dont want to use free services like Hotspot shield as they are too slow most of the time, TOR is good for browsing but slow and not allowed for p2p torrents! I want to make the most of my ISP bandwidth 20 m/bits, any answers would be greatly appreciated, this would make a great guide to add to MakeUseOf’s already extensive collection! Please note I prefer open source as it seems to be more reliable and also has great community support.

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