What is the best setup to get a permanently mounted webcam that is as easy to turn on and off as a light switch?

Joe Videtto April 7, 2012
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I am looking to implement a ‘video’ room in a school where there would be a room with a permanently mounted web cam or IP camera (possibly several for multiple angles), and a teacher could record video with the ease of turning a light switch on or off – not even necessarily a computer would be required (though I’m sure it probably would).

I’m wondering if anyone could recommend the least expensive (say 50 to $300 dollars, ballpark) type of cameras that would
a. give the best performance and wide angle views

b. the mounting devices that would be least likely to result in dropping/breaking of the cameras by students,

c. whether it could really be reliably controlled with a robust on/off light switch – believe it or not, many of the teachers are really technophobic.

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