Can I set Windows to always open a new window as full screen?
Question by David Levy /
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Is there a setting in Windows XP and Windows 7 that I could set so that when I open a new window it defaults to full screen? I also have 2 monitors and I would like for the new window to open on a specific screen. How can this be done?

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Answers (7)
  • Chris Hoffman

    This doesn't help you with the multiple-monitor problem, but Windows contains a setting that lets you open certain programs maximized.

    Right-click the program's shortcut, select Properties, click the Run box and select Maximized.

    If you're using Windows 7 and want to change this setting for a program on the taskbar, right-click the taskbar icon, then right-click the program's name and select Properties.


    Hello as per opening the window in a specific monitor you could use third party software such as Ultramon:

    Also depending on your graphics card, this can be done through its software.  If you have a discreet card such as ATI or NVIDIA, you can manage both monitors through it and set up specific programs to open in different monitors.  For example if your card is ATI based, you would have to find the catalyst software and look under Hydravision or destop manager.

    With regards to setting windows to open in full screen, you do not need to use any extra third party software.  The easiest way is by opening the new window and maximize it to full screen and then close the window when maximized.  Next time you open the window that was setup in full screen, it will open in full screen. 

    In windows 7, when you maximize the user folder and then close it maximized, it will open in full screen from there onwards even if you click on the video, pictures, download, documents,  etc.  The trick is to maximize windows and then close it when maximized.  The system will remember that.  The same thing applies to your browser.  You maximize the screen and then close it.  From then on, any new window you open in your browser, it will open in full screen.  This also applies to windows XP.

  • Karkala Nayak

    Hello David,

    You don't need any software its very simple.

    Open the window and size the window to your liking. 
    Then hold down the ALT key while clicking the “F4” to close the program.  
    This will set the window to open at this setting every time.  
    That's It..

    I hope it helped...

  • Jay.0

    Autosizer works, worked for me also.

    Direct download :
    Details :

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