How can I set up a mobile adhoc network using Bluetooth?
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How can I set up a mobile adhoc network using Bluetooth?

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  • Anonymous

    which version is your phone? iphone, windows mobile, do you have vista?

    Your phone would have to be capable of connecting to the PC via some sort of network, whether WiFi or Bluetooth or something else. However, most simple consumer phones do not have this capability built in. So, you would not be able to do it unless you were happy to hack your phone

  • Anonymous

    The Bluetooth Network Access application makes the following scenarios possible:

    •To connect to a Local Area Network from a physical connection on a remote Bluetooth device. or
    •To connect to an ad hoc network provided by a remote Bluetooth device. When joining an ad hoc network, it can take up to one minute after the connection is established to obtain an IP address and automatically self-configure. The type of network connection that is available is determined by the configuration of the remote Bluetooth device.

    Create a Network Access connection

    Establish a connection using one of these techniques:

    •Windows system tray, Bluetooth icon
    •From My Bluetooth Places
    •Using the Bluetooth Setup Wizard
    Close a Network Access connection

    •In My Bluetooth Places, right-click the service name and select Disconnect. or
    •If the connection was established from the Bluetooth icon in the Windows system tray; click the Bluetooth icon, select Quick Connect, Network Access and then select the device that is providing the service (active connections have a checkmark in front of them).
    Configure a Network Access connection

    The Bluetooth Configuration Panel > Client Applications > Network Access > General tab provides options to configure:

    •The application name — to change it, highlight the existing name and enter the new name.
    •Enable or disable secure connection. To enable secure connection, place a checkmark in the box.

    • Theprateeksharma

      Sorry dude but I want to make "MOBILE phones" adhoc network not the pc's

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