How can I set up my home network to play movies on my laptop and view them on the TV?

Abdullah November 27, 2011
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I have successfully connected my Panasonic Viera TV to the router and I can access (the build in app which are Facebook and Shout-cast Radio).

Is there any way to play things on my laptop into my big TV screen after I connect the TV to the router? Since it’s part of my network now?

Here’s an example to explain my question :
I have a Samsung Mobile (with Android OS)
I have a build in app that gives me the MAC address of my mobile, and I can enter that MAC address in my laptop browser and access everything WIRELESSLY -as long as the mobile IS CONNECTED to the router-

Can I do the same thing with my TV since it’s already connected to the home network?

In other words
– I have my TV connected to my home network
– I have my laptop connected to my home network

How can I play movies in my laptop AND view it in the TV?

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