How can I set up a home network for two computers?
Question by Bob /

We want to network two computers in our home together using the same provider. Don’t have a clue what we need to do. And we’d like to maybe go wireless, but that’s questionable. Any ideas?

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Answers (5)
  • Aibek

    Hey Bob,

    You should also know that MakeUseOf has published an excellent networking guide last year. it explains everything you should know to setup a home network on your own.

    Download, The Easy Guide To Computer Networks

  • Oron Joffe

    To folow on from Tina’s question, if all you want is to to have internet access from two computers, get a router. Most broadband routers (usually routers/modems, to be accurate) allow you to connect multiple computers with a wired connection (often called Ethernet or UTP cables), and a wireless router will allow you to connect wirelessly as well, provided your computers have wireless capability. Setting up the router is simple. Your ISP should be able to provide you the details on how to connect the router to the internet, and for a wired connection, the computers simply need to be plugged into the router.

    If you want to exchange data between the computers at home, or do other ‘networky’ things, such as connect to a networked printer, you’ll need to give us some more details about the operating systems of the computers, and what you are trying to achieve.


    Easiest solution without a router is to use a crossover cable and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). You have to get a crossover cable though. Here is a link explaining how to make a crossover cables.

    Here is a link about how to connect using crossover cable:

    Here is a link explaining differences between crossover and patch cable:

    The best solution is for you to get a router. You can get routers that provide wireless connections and wired routers. Hope that helps.

  • sorahl

    The best thing to do, to connect the two computers physically is to buy a router and two CAT5 network cables, set the router and pc’s up per the instructions included, and connect both computers to the router with the cables.
    This answer assumes that you have network cards/ports on each computer you are trying to connect.

  • Tina


    I’m afraid your question is not clear. Are you trying to connect two computers to your internet (service provider) or are you trying to set up a home network between two computers, so they can exchange data?

    If this is about connecting to the internet, what is your current hardware setup, i.e. how do you connect to the internet right now?

    If this is about networking two computers, what are their operating systems?

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