Can you help me set up folder permission and sharing in Dropbox for school use?

Rishan May 17, 2012
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Here is the scenario:

We need to have two main shareable folders for our school –

1. Dropboxes

Teachers Permissions: Inside the Dropboxes folder each teacher should have a folder under their name and full access.

Students Permissions: Student can access each teacher’s folder and sub folders, but they should not able to see the other documents inside that folder. Even if they can see but they should not able to read the document, and we have to prevent overwriting as well. Students should not be able to delete anything (if they need anything they can go to the teacher).

E.g. My name is ABC and I’m Year 10 student, class room is T-9. I finish my exam and I need to give my exam paper to my teacher (call him XYZ) who has told me he created a folder for our class. Folder path is:

Dropboxes > XYZ > Year10 > T-9

And what should I able to do is just go to T-9 folder, right click and paste my exam paper. If any file has the same name I should not able to replace it and I must rename my file. Students should not be able to see any other students’ exam papers, or copy any other file folder or documents.

2. Handouts

Teaches can put documents which they would like to share with students (e.g. exam papers, assignments templates) and teachers should have to have full access.

Students Permissions: Students should able to see each and every teachers folder and subfolder. They should also be able to see the documents and copy/paste the file to their own computer.

E.g. My name is ABC and I’m a Year 10 student, class room is T-9. Our maths teacher’s name is XYZ and he told me we have an exam today and to go to his folder take a copy of the exam paper. The folder path should be:

Handouts > XYZ > Year10 > T-9 > Maths exam.doc

As a student I should be able to go to that folder, copy the document called “Maths exam.doc” and paste to my desktop. I should not able to do cut or delete any folders or documents

So do you think this is possible? How would I go about setting it up? Or maybe you have a better idea/system?

Please help, thanks!

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