How can I set up an adhoc network connection between my laptop and my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone?
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I own a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. I want to connect it to my laptop ad-hoc network, but I can’t see any SSID on my phone. This function was pretty much available on my Nokia 5800.

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Answers (12)
  • Raj_gopal1611

    Follow the procedure given below:

    Install windows service pack 1. This is
    available in Microsoft website.


    b)      Download
    the file Wireless_14.2.0.10_s64.exe. This file is for 64 bit OS. If you are
    using the 32 bit version, download the appropriate 32 bit compatible file. This
    is available in Intel website. This is the My Wi-Fi driver.


    c)  From
    Control Panel –> Programs, uninstall the current WLAN driver installed. Watch
    out for checkbox which will ask whether you want to remove the program
    completely. Ensure it is checked. Reboot after software is de-installed.


    d)     After
    rebooting in device manager under network adapters check whether the driver has
    been removed. If you find an adapter like Intel® Wi-Fi link, then select the
    adapter and uninstall it.


    e)  Now
    install the new My Wi-Fi driver downloaded from Intel site. If installation is successful,
    then under device manager à
    Network adaptors, you can find Microsoft Wi-Fi mini adaptor. There can be more
    than one entry.


    f)    From
    control panel à
    Network & Internet, Click on the Intel® My Wi-Fi technology. Check
    following settings is available in the options

    General Tab –
    check show taskbar icon.

    Notifications Tab – Check all

    DHCP – Server address
    range will be displayed by default. My Wi-Fi uses DHCP. Do not alter default IP
    address range.

    Power – Power
    Mode, Choose any power source and Automatic disabling - Never


     g)   Click
    on profile and create a new profile. The profile entries should be:

    General Tab –
    Enter a name for SSID.

    Security – Enter
    a password. Password strength should be 8.

    Sharing –
    Disable filter network traffic and Enable DHCP and DNS servers.

    Click on OK and
    save the profile settings.


    h)      Enable
    your hardware radio switch and connect to internet.


    In Intel My Wi-Fi page, click on share my


    j)    In your Samsung Galaxy phone, Enable wireless
    and search for device. Enter SSID and password and join your laptop Wi-Fi



    • macaco svensson

      seems complicated but doable... do you know how to do it with Xubuntu operative system? I create an ad hoc wireless net from my laptop (which is wire-connected to the net), my Galaxy Samsung sees it but it says it is OUT OF RANGE even if it is 10cm away from the laptop...

  • Raj_gopal1611

    Use Intel My Wi-fi  and make your laptop a WAP point. This is possible for Window 7 laptop. I am able to use my laptop internet connection in my Samsung Galaxy S2. If you want more details, do let me know

  • Bikash

    download software "connectify".it works

  • Supaquin

    @karman, i have exactly the same problem... id like to connect my Galaxy S2 to my laptops via WIFI so that i can use use the internet connection from my laptop(like a hot spot) but my phone doesnt eben detect my laptops wireless ad-hoc network that i created... PLZ HELP me

    • Tina


      if you are still seeking for a solution, I recommend you to ask a new question. It will be posted on the MakeUseOf Answers front page and will receive a response within a few hours.

  • Self-made millionaire

    yes, please tell

  • Suman

    Hi Kamran,
    Can you tell me the process of connecting my laptop with my nokia 5800 via ad hoc network, since you already used?


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