How To Send Pictures To Mobile Phone?
Question by dharmendra /

I would like to know how can someone send free pictures to mobile online. Are there any websites for that?

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Answers (3)
  • Jack Cola

    Below is a list of how it is possible to transfer files to mobile phones that I can think of:

    Bluetooth (free)
    Infrared (free)
    USB Cable (free)
    MMS (from another phone, costs money)
    Email (fnternet charges)
    Download it through a website (Mobile Internet Charges)

    Hoped this helps

  • Jessica Cam W.

    You can use Gmail to compose a new email message (attach your photos) and send it to your mobile phone via the method outlined in this MakeUseOf article

    Note that Gmail sends messages for free but your carrier will charge you the standard messaging fees for receiving media messages (MMS), unless you already have a messaging plan with your mobile.

  • Aibek

    Hi Dharmendra

    There are a few easy ways to do it, in fact we wrote about couple of such sites on MakeUseof before.

    3 Easy Tools to Send Files from PC to Mobile Phone
    PixDrop: Send Pictures from PC to Mobile

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