Can I send movies to my TV via USB?
Question by shane kahrs /

Is it possible to send movies from my laptop to my TV using a USB port?

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Answers (2)
  • Aibek

    In most cases if you have a USB ports in your TV you should be able to stream files from USB thumbdrives. Just put the drive in and go thorugh the input options (i.e. AV1 AV2 etc) using your remote. What may not work is streaming files from external/portable hard drives that are connected via USB.


    Hello, as far as I know, the USB ports on TVs are only for external drives, flashdrives and if compatible with it, wireless dongles.  Also, take into consideration that just because the TV has USB ports, it does not mean that you can watch movies even if you use the above mentioned options.  To be more specific you would have to post the brand name and model of your TV.  The sure way for you to be able to watch movies on your TV and a laptop, is to connect your laptop to TV via VGA or HDMI cable if available.  Keep in mind, that if you use VGA cable to connect laptop to TV, you would also need to use another cable for sound.  Hope it helps. 

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