Why can’t I send any more friend requests on Facebook?
Question by moriah /
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I can’t send friend requests anymore. Can anyone tell me how people makes thousands of friends? It seems like I’ve been limited from making more.

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Answers (24)
  • Lokesh kumar


  • Veer singh

    Unblock friend reqest?

  • Buddika Sameera Kumarasinghe

    whycan't l send any more friend requests on facebook

  • Buddika Sameera Kumarasinghe

    why can't l send any more friend reqestson face book

  • Shubham18cool

    plzzzzzzzzzzz my friend req. is unblock plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Garza Areli

    how can i send a friend request on facebook timeline mobile

  • Rajay rasul

    does not sent any friend request. 

  • Rohit

    plz tell me how to unblock my friend request in facebook.......

    • Jay.0

      Read my other comments.
      If you are blocked for a certain time eg. 30 days, there is no way you can do this.

      Send less request, and sent requests less frequently.

      If you have so many canceled or pending requests, you will face this problem.
      Add only those who will accept your requests.

      Sometimes it blocks those innocent people who do not do these things, but you cant do anything about this.

  • Osama

    deleting pending requests using the old method does not work with new timeline view facebook layout...because in that layout, clicking on friends tab only show current friends

  • Jeff Fabish

    From Facebook:

    "Please note that privacy settings may limit your ability to see the "Add as Friend" link for some users. Also, once you’ve sent a friend request to a particular user, you cannot send another. Be sure to only send friend requests to people you know personally. We may block you from sending friend requests if requests you’ve sent have gone unanswered or members reported your contact as unwelcome."

    Concerning how people get thousands of "friends", they are usually random adds or through games such as Farmville. This helps users share resources and what not. There are "mass adders" which go through Facebook ID's and add each one, another common way people get a plethora of friends.

    - Jeff

    • James Bruce

      Loving the new graphic next to your name dude, awesome

    • Aibek

      second that. It has been up for a couple of weeks I think.

    • Jeff Fabish

      Thanks James and Aibek! I didn't make it though, I got it from kulaone and varied it a little ;)

    • Gg

      Do you you mean that I cannot make new friends through FB? This is just rubish!

    • Jeff Fabish

      You're most likely on a timeout, Facebook will allow you to add again, just only with people you know. 

    • Jay

      Don't send requests to those who will not accept your request,
      whether you know them or not.

      So not add strangers- is a general statement, by facebook.
      For example :

      Even if your brother rejects your request,
      facebook will consider it as you are spamming strangers.
      (it will ask the person whter you know them, but not everyone will attend it.)

      Facebook can't decide whether the person your are adding is stranger or known.
      only parameter they have is mutual friends.

      If you repeat the same thing after your adding friends option is enabled again,
      Pending and rejected requests will continue blocking you from adding people.
      so read my first sentence again.

    • Tomcat22s

      I moved to a new state so your saying we cant use facebook as a way to make friends in the new place a person moved to. because if im right. facebooks idea was to stay connected with friends but also be there to make new ones.

    • Coe1245

      Rediculous let ppl send and add who they want

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