Can I send apps from the Android market to my tablet via USB?
Question by aparna addanki /
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I have a Sony tablet running Android. I want to download apps from the Android store using a USB and my PC. I don’t have WiFi. Whenever I click install it says that the app will download shortly to my advice, but it doesn’t, since there is no connection. And there is no other way to download the app, it seems.

What can I do?

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Answers (25)
  • Raja Pradeep

    Google play doesn't allow apps to be downloaded to pc.


    helllo, the only way on windows is go to:


    then HOLD Win+Alt T + Z + M

    That will come up with the directory, simply copy/patse the apts to that folder


    buy a app named app to sd
    if you find this usefulplz visit my website

  • Kannon Y

    I apologize for not answering this question much earlier. :-(

    Although I personally have not performed this sort of tether, it is a process known to me, referred to as "reverse-tether". RT allows you to use your PC's internet connection with your Android handset/tablet/what-have-you.

    First, however, it may require that you have root access. Second, there are a variety of processes used to acquire root access. Third, many of these processes require at least Android 2.2 or 2.3 and up.

    I suggest reading this article for more information on how active reverse tether. This thread on XDA forums explains in detail how root can be activated.

    Personally, I prefer the instructions in the XDA forums - I found a summary on AndroidAuthority of this post. Unfortunately, if these processes fail to provide your tablet with WiFi, there are few options for getting it on the internet. Good luck!

  • juvaanya

    i have a tablet i try go on appstore , and i creat my account. but it says download but the it stops ? any1 waht do i do to download games on to my tablet ?


     Hello, what I was trying to say was to download the .apk  file to your computer and then transfer file from computer to memory card.  Once app is in memory card, insert memory card in your tablet and run it from there.

    • Iaparazzi

      Fedelis: how to download is the question. Do not want to use 3rd party sites. And they don't seem to download to the memory card directly.

    • Yashwadhawe

      Ok so you dont want 3rd party apps.
      One option is there.
      It dont cost to much money!
      So, you gonna do is to take a memory card reader. Put your memory card and then to the pc. Download the apps you want in the memory card and then your memory to your tab.
      If this was usefull say yes with a reply if not then say what problemn you have.

    • neha

      hey i have a similar kind of problem...a friend of mine has a tab and due to her location she has no access to internet for a is it possible that i download the games in APK format and transfer it to a pen drive or a memory card??will it work if its a pen drive??because i dnt have the device in which the game has to be installed so i want to put it in a pen rive or a memory card?please help...

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Yes,you can as the APK file you firstly download is saved in PC and you can understand it as a installer file for Android OS.

  • Sameer Ali

    Dear Friend no need to connect with usb for installing apps from android market follow the instruction i have given u below:-
    1.first u tablets google market login id & password from this user id & password login in your pc email.

    2. after that u open a new tab and open google market there u find which app u want to install just click on install button your apps will be install automatically

    visit my site for more games & apps for android

    • Iaparazzi

      You didn't understand what I am trying to say. Read my query on top. Thank you.

  • ha14

    try other market than google, they let download to pc.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    If you have 3G version of Sony tablet,then you can get it via your carrier's 3G data connection.If you don't have 3G connectivity,then you can get apps downloaded into your PC and transferring them into your tablet and get it installed.

    Firstly,visit the site

    choose the app you want to get it into your tablet.For instance,I would take
    GO Launcher EX 2.69 Final & (HD for tablets) -

    then click on the download link below (present below after the screenshots).

    After getting the downloaded file,while has .apk extension,it must be transferred into your tablet via mass storage mode.Before installing apps from third party sources,make sure to allow installation from unknown sources by going to Menu > Settings > Applications and make sure “Unknown sources” is checked.

    Connect your tablet via mass storage mode to PC using USB cable and copy the app to a new folder .Your tablet might be having file manager preinstalled.

    Disconnect your tablet from PC and go to your file manager app,locate the app you saved on the folder and tap on the app and install it.

    It's recommended to review the permissions of the app before installing it.

    • Iaparazzi

      I don't want to use 3rd party sites. Any other solution?

    • Susendeep Dutta

       I apologize to you for not understanding your question fully.

      I think that you are connected to internet but the app download is not getting started in your device.

      This happens and you can only do is to clear the history and cache of Google Play app in your tablet by going to

      Settings-->Applications-->Manage applications and tap on Google Play and clear data and clear history.

      Keep on trying to download the app and you will succeed.My friend did this and one day he succeeded.


    Hello, one possible option you have if your tablet is compatible with memory cards, is to use one to transfer files from your computer to it.  Once that is done, insert memory card in tablet and install app from there.

    • Iaparazzi

      Fedelis: It is compatible with memory cards but how to download the apps to the memory card? When I click 'install' in the android market, it says the app will download into my device shortly. Nothing happens.

    • Mamuka

      download the APK file and Cache from Russian websites, i do like that and can't stop downloading new and new games, apps and so on.

    • Iaparazzi

      And I do not want to download applications from third-party websites.

  • ha14

    you have to stick with market policy, of market do not allow download to pc then you can't do much. The remaining solution is to contact the soft developer and ask a copy?

  • Mel

    The best option for your situation is use google play to find your apps and use the links they provide to the developers website and download the apk directly from the developer... it solves the problem of the google market policy and you aren't using a third party android market just getting the apps directly from the developer...

  • Iaparazzi

    I don't want to. That's not the solution I wanted. Thanks anyway.

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