How can I send a 350MB file to 200 people for free?
Question by Tilman Bauer /
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I have a 350MB file which I need to distribute to about 200 people or so. Usually I would of course send the file by eMail, but unfortunately GMail’s limit is 25MB.

I know that there are thousands of filesharing sites out there, but which one allows me to upload the file for free and then send the link to all the 200 people? 200 times 350MB is quite a lot I guess, so which service allows me to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (34)
  • Guest, though, it's only good for files below 1.99 MB.

  • manish

    Compress your software with Winzip or WinRar and attach it with any free uploading side or skype messsanger

  • Justin

    I think Binfer will be most suited for your need. Here'w what you do:
    - Download and install from their website:
    - Drag and drop your file,
    - Export your contacts to Outlook CSV and then import it into Binfer
    - Select the contacts and press send
    - Leave Binfer running and as your contacts come online [they need Binfer], your file will be send directly to your contacts computer.

    All transfers are AES encrypted and interrupted transfers will be automatically resumes.

  • JFM

    Try using, 2gb for FREE, They charge if you need more....add your email addresses, upload file send to as many people as you wnat. Best part is that it is FREE!! Hope this helps.

  • Gladius Primus

    As Vannia Rajan says: Skydrive!

  • Abhiroop

    you can also try otengo, a file sharing software.

  • Vannia Rajan

    You always have Windows Live "Sky Drive" - (25GB online-storage space) - Free of COST.

    Just upload, make the 300+ MB file public and send the link to your friends.

    • Jessica Cam W.

      But remember that with SkyDrive, you can only upload a file of up to 50MB, so you would have to split it somehow before that. Since most people have a Google Account, I'd second the person who suggested uploading the file to Google Docs and then sharing the private file link (as opposed to publishing it for the world to see.) You can find this private link when you click on Share at the top left when you're at and click on 'Get the link to share'. You could create a new/secondary Gmail/Google account for this purpose. You won't have to worry about whether the people you're sending your files to have the right software (if you're considering sharing by torrents). Neither will you have to worry about how to split files, or downloading additional software to share the file.

  • WhiteWingDove57

    Try a program called Pando...

    Download and Share ... BIG | Pando
    Use your existing email address to send and receive large files. Pando by passes email attachment limits and is absolutely free.

  • Mousecoguy

    use skype unlimited transfers

  • Josh

    I personally like FileDropper (you can read MakeUseOf's take on it at It is simple, clean, and provides you with a link you can paste into your email to as many people as you want.

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