How do you search for a particular photo in your Facebook photos?
Question by Douglas Mutay /

I have been desperately trying to search for a photo in my Facebook library but I have found that there is no such place where I can enter a description or a name and search for a photo. I had to scroll through thousands of pictures but still I was not able to find it.

I have checked Facebook help and couldn’t find the answer on how to proceed. Is there a way to search inside you own Facebook events, photos or posts? I hope so…

Anyone have any ideas?

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Answers (6)
  • Bomii79

    I recommend you innovative PicWiser – it’s online image search engine now in beta tests, but soon in full version. Chceck out on and express an opinion

  • Nikhil Chandak

    hv u deleted the photo ??
    (that’s only one way out)
    if u hv not deleted , then contact to facebook…
    about the photo

    • Douglas Mutay

      I didn’t delete that particular photo. And i don’t think fb will help because how will them know the photo i am currently looking for. The best option was to lunch a search within my photo album, but i don’t see that option. This is why i have asked for help. Maybe someone knows how to do that…

    • Nikhil Chandak

      I think that fb can help u
      u should say the status of the photo or any comment of that particular photo to facebook
      & then should be available of finding the pic

    • rebecca may

      how do I retrieve missing photos from profile page???

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