Why has my Seagate external hard drive become inaccessible and how can I fix it?

Corey Haertel February 23, 2012
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I bought a 2 TB Seagate external herd drive from Fry’s Electronics. I put music, videos, pictures, and backed up some files from my computer. I only used it for about a month – casual usage, I hadn’t gotten into my major transferring, which I had bought the 2 TBs for.

It started going very slow. Taking several minutes just to open it up and view the files inside, then it started freezing every time I would select a file or open a folder. Then it got to the point that if I plugged it in via USB it would slow my entire computer and I would not be able to disconnect the external hard drive. It says generic volume is in use and cannot disconnect.

Now I can’t even see the driver path, find it in “My Computer”. It does not show up in computer management, under disk management. I tried running diskpart, but I cannot even start the diskpart, it tells me “the disk management services could not complete the operation” and I can’t even list the volumes.

I heard that this happens a bit with Seagate external hard drives, but I couldn’t find any help forums. Also, I could not format the drive, so I think I will have to go to the extreme of re-flashing it.

Is this something that I will have to re-flash and format to make work? Does anyone have any re-flashing tools for a 2TB external hard drives? If anyone has other suggestions I would love a solution that I don’t lose the files I have on there currently.

Someone told me they could write a driver for it, instead of the one Seagate comes with, and that should solve my problem, but I could never get the hard drive to him. Is this something I could figure out how to do myself with a sufficient guide?

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