Why is my Seagate 175GB USB drive beeping but not getting detect by Windows XP?
Question by Aaj Javed /

I have a Seagate FreeAgent 175GB USB drive which got hit somewhere. Now the situation is that whenever I am connecting it to my laptop, the power is on, but it’s only making beeping type of noise and the laptop is not detecting anything, as if nothing was attached to laptop. Please help me how it can be fixed. Thanks!

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Answers (15)
  • Tom MacKenzie

    I had the same issue for a few minutes until I realized I was using the wrong power cord. Same size connection, but different voltage. So make sure you are using the right cord, and also try a different outlet if that is not the issue.

  • steve

    I have the same issue with my LG USB Harddrive HXD1. Beeping, but pc won’t detect it.
    I just took it out of the case and plugged it direct into the pc motherboard like the other permanent harddrives and it works fine, so the problem is with the connection between the USB cable and the small circuit board in the Harddrive case. Which I doubt I can fix, but thought I’d mention it in case you had valuable data on your drive – you can save it by taking the drive out of its case and plugging it direct into the motherboard.

  • Tony Batty

    Do you know what USB you have? meaning 1.1 or 2.0, because if you do, you will need the drivers for the said Seagate drive from the website, which most HHD vendors may still offer for download. if you have done this and the problem still persists, you may have a bigger problem than you imagine, your drive may have dropped and received internal damages or it useful live is over. (Man Made) It was not meant to last forever.


    Hello, you could try visiting the following site and match the beeping sounds from your drive with the databases there. It is divided in section by manufacturer:


    If you match the beeping sounds, you might have a clearer idea of what the problem is. You could also try running the diagnostic tools provided by seagate:


  • Aaj Javed

    Thanks guys from your advises. I did try on different machines as well as on different cases even i interchanged it with my internal hard drive but same results. It is not under warrenty anymore.

  • Burhan Ahmed

    Replace your USB Cable. Sometimes old USB cables do not supply enough power.

  • Justin Fortin

    Your laptop may not be providing enough power to the drive. If your usb cable has 2 ports, plug both of them in, otherwise use an external power supply.

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    First you need to know which one of your device is broken. The step:
    1. Take out the hard drive from its case.
    2. Plug the hard drive into a new case
    3. Plug in the new case which already has a drive into a computer
    4. See if it is working. If it is working then the problem is in your old case
    5. If your hard drive still not detectable, let assume that the disk already broken.

  • Rob Berry

    If it was physically hit the drive could be kerplut, My advice would be to check the seagate warranty section and see if the drive can be sent back for repair or replacement at all if under warranty, Otherwise it looks like you are going to need a new hard drive.

  • Mike

    If the beeping does come from the hard drive directly it is a mechanical failure. It is usually caused by the heads scratching the platters.

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