Why is my screen outputting strange characters and weird colours?
Question by Nouri Alnahawi /
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Hi everyone,

My 11 year old nephew was playing Minecraft, or was “downloading” it on PC when suddenly the screen went dark and showed “No Signal” even though the PC was still running. We couldn’t bring it back so we reset the PC, and then it got worse. All letters, numbers or symbols were somehow destroyed, even before Windows had started.

It was like when old NES games suddenly crash. And in Windows it was also like that, only not in 8-bit color. I’ve already tried resetting BIOS by removing the battery, but it didn’t work. Please tell me it’s not what I think it is…

Thanks in Advance

P.S: My sister’s PC has Panda antivirus on it.

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Answers (15)
  • Sashritha Peiris

    Probably because your monitor cable is broken. Try a new cable then a new monitor

  • Nouri Alnahawi

    Thanks a lot guys. It was the graphics card, it's damaged. I don't know how this happened out of the sudden, but I just replaced it and now everything is ok :)

  • Isabella

    Ok so im only 12 and have an andriod. I had my
    phone on at school,i accidently dat on it. Then
    I cheked my fone after school and the screen looks
    horrible. Its differnt colors like purple and blue
    I dont know what to do......Plz help me.

  • Jim Chambers

    If its a plugin card, try reseating the graphics card. Also check fan on card. If you use DVI connection to monitor try VGA or vis versa if monitor has DVI port.

  • Jan Fritsch

    It sounds a lot like an issue with the graphics card. If you are seeing artifacts and colored dots especially in pink it is most likely the graphics memory.

    One would have to know whether it's a dedicated graphics card or an integrated graphics processor. For a dedicated card the easiest thing is to try another one.

    If it is an IGP it could be either the system memory which is usually shared with the graphics processor or an issue with the motherboard.

  • Shankar C

    may be problem of RAM. Open the chassis and re insert it.


    Hello, the two most common reasons for this to happen are the following:

    -- Monitor is nor correctly plugged to computer. This could happen if it was moved a little bit or cables have became loose.

    -- Most possible reason having to do with the driver itself. It might be that driver became corrupted somehow. You could either try, update the driver or roll back driver from device manager.

    • Boni Oloff

      I think driver is a crucial thing to get updated. But many old VGA is not updated anymore. :D

  • ha14

    boot on windows xp cd and use system restore point to revert back just before the accident.

    you can also remove the graphic card and boot on the onboard graphic card to see if the monitor still work.

  • Aniket Singh

    it may be problem of grafic card aur moniter,please attach another moniter,then see what happen if it aslo show the same thing then it's a problem of ur cpu or grafic card
    u should go to computer repairing shop coz its looking major problem......

  • Boni Oloff

    Maybe the monitor gets wrong, or maybe your VGA have some problem, try to check them.

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