Why does the screen of my HP Compaq laptop remain black when I try to turn it on?
Question by Kelvin Hernandez /

I was just about to log off from my laptop when it suddenly shut off for no reason. My battery has been dead for a while now meaning I’ve been using the wall charger as my power supply.

When I try turning on the laptop, the fans come on, the charger shows the light that it is receiving power, but the screen stays black. I took the battery out and charger and let it rest for bout 2 days, but still no sign.

Any suggestions please? Is my laptop dead? Is there a problem with my power supply? Do I need a new battery? What can I do?

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Answers (8)
  • Sonia Ayala11

    my compaq turns on but gives me a blue screen what can that be

  • JWorthem92

    That totally worked…. Thanks Fidelis :)

  • Bjcarter471998

    dont listen to the others start it with safe mode go to control panel>batteryoptions>and chanfe it to the one  on top

  • Bjcarter471998

    dont listen to the others start it with safe mode go to control panel>batteryoptions>and chanfe it to the one  on top

  • Tina


    were the above suggestions helpful for you and did you manage to fix the issue with your screen?


    Hello, from what you say you definitely need a new battery… If as you said you can hear the computer booting up but stays on a black screen, that means that your power supply is still providing power for you laptop. You can try the following, it might work for you.

    — Unplug the power
    — remove battery
    — hold power button for 30 seconds or more. This will get rid of any residual power on your laptop
    — plug power back on
    — restart your laptop. If your laptop starts up normally, keep it on for a few minutes and if you want put battery back on. In your case it is up to you if you want to insert the battery back because as you said your battery is dead.

    Also, you can try using an external monitor to see if you get any normal screen, at least until you can try more troubleshooting. You would have to turn laptop off, plug it to a monitor and use the Fn + F7 keys. This combo might be different. The sure way to find out is by checking your keyboard to see what f key you have to press to output video to external source.

    There were a few problems before with hp and compact on some of their models. Something wrong with the nvidia gpu. One of the fixes was to take laptop apart and heat gpu until sodering resits the gpu to motherboard…Also if under guarantee you could send laptop back so that they could change the motherboard. One of the first symptoms with this problem was that your laptop would loose the wireless. You could not find it on device manager or anywhere else. Once the sodering was done you would recover wireless too. I am not saying that is whats happening with yours. Try the steps above and hopefully they work.

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