Why does screen enlarge image when I use the mousepad?
Question by tom /

Using Windows 7 64-bit, Toshiba. Somehow, as I use the mousepad, I cause the screen to enlarge the image. What am I doing? How can I set the mouse pad so it does not do this?

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Answers (4)
  • Anonymous

    If I may add, I think you can disable this feature by going to the Control Panel – Mouse.

    • Bethany

      Yes, I just figured out how to disable. Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Mouse > Mouse Properties > Device Settings > Settings > Pinch Zoom > Uncheck the “Enable Pinch Zoom” box > Apply > OK

  • Taty

    I think Steve is right. you are probably just accidentally zooming in. Try putting two fingers on the mousepad and bringing them close together and see if they become small again.

  • Steve Campbell


    Sometimes if you have two fingers touching the mouse on a laptop it causes a zoom effect on the page. If you move your fingers apart it causes zoom in, and if you pinch them together it zooms out. I’m not sure if you can disable this or not, but I think that’s what’s causing it. Also, if you go up and down the right side of the mouse it will scroll the page up/down.

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