How can I scan pictures with my printer/scanner?
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How do I scan a picture using my printer/scanner and get the picture on my computer so I can post it on Facebook or do whatever else I want to with it?

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  • Tina


    what operating system and device do you have?

    I will assume you’re on Windows and have an an all-in-one printer and scanner. Is the device installed and can you print with it?

    Generally, you need to install the drivers so the device is recognized by your operating system. Windows usually can install the drivers independently, but your device should have come with such a CD that contains drivers and software. You can also find the drivers and software on the manufacturer’s homepage. You need to install the software to scan!

    To scan, connect the device, launch the software and use it. Without knowing what device you have it’s difficult to give a step by step explanation, but it should be self explanatory.

    You should be able to save scanned items as PDF or image files (bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif). Typically, you tell the scanner before you start what you are going to scan, i.e. black and white or color, what resolution (300dpi is more than enough), text and/or images etc.

    Let us know whether that helps and please provide additional information in case you need more help. Thank you!

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