Can I save a voice recording from my Android phone to my computer?
Question by Diana Higginbotham /
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I recorded a conversation I had with an individual on my voice recorder on my Samsung Galaxy Android. Can I save it to my computer? If not, can I play it through my computer if I attach a cable?

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Answers (16)
  • kelly

    THANK YOU. I simply overlooked that the .3ga voice recorder files would be in the Sounds folder. I love how easy it is to connect the Samsung via USB and drag and drop files. Just change the 3ga using right mouse click/rename/ and type file extension mp3 if you want mp3 format.

  • rekha

    with your android phone a wire is given take that keep it in your computer and other side to your phone and select (select files to copy ) and see in the computer you will get options select show folders and check linely in which folder is your s take that copy and paste it

  • Raja Pradeep

    Yes, you can copy it to your computer. It is saved in your sd card in a folder named 'Sounds', the file extension is .amr

  • Amit Sinha

    the recorded file is either be in phone memory or external memory card you can easily transfer to any pc or cell.

    you can't use your phone microphone on pc as an alternative to mic

  • VS Vishnu

    of course yes...share it to your system by wifi or cable or bluetooth or put the card in..

  • Timothy Liem

    of course you can! just copy the file to your computer and play it.

  • Roehl Curioso

    It will be on your memory card!Just attach your phone via USB Mass Storage & copy paste the recording. I have done it before it works!!

  • akadaveo

    try the catch app. AUsome!

  • Declan Lopez

    you could send it through a multimedia message or email

  • Stephanie w

    An easy way of doing it, in the future, is to use the Evernote recorded, and then log into Evernote on your computer. It will automatically be available and playable there.

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