How can I save my girlfriend’s computer after a Windows 7 to Windows Vista downgrade failure?

Mickey Mouse April 1, 2011
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So, I’ve been a great fan of this website for at least 4 years now and if I weren’t in dire straits right now, I wouldn’t ask. But I’m desperate.

In any case, I tried to use an .iso image to install Windows Vista on my girlfriend’s HP Pavilion. Some of the drivers for the copy of Windows 7 she had put on there weren’t working, so I thought, maybe incorrectly, that putting in Windows Vista might make it a little easier to get the drivers.

In any case, I used VCD to mount the drive, it copied all of the Windows files, etc., rebooted and then…nothing. Windows boot manager told me that Windows failed to start because of a recent change in software or hardware, and I needed to put in an installation disc, which I didn’t have at the time, obviously.

At this point, I can’t get it to recognize a Windows 7 installation disc that I put in there. She never was given installation discs by HP and I feel like things are looking dismal. Please tell me I didn’t ruin my girl’s computer! I just ran a primary hard disk self test, and the test status is “#10008- replace hard disk.” What can I do to fix this? I beg of you…

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