Does the Savant web server work under Windows 7?

Nathan W August 17, 2014
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I am interested in making an onion site. In the article about this topic at, it says that if you use Windows, you should use Savant server for an onion site instead of Apache. However, when I searched for Savant, I was taken to And, if I understand that site correctly, Savant only works with older Windows versions (95, 2000, XP)

I use Windows 7. Can I use Savant with it? If not, what is the best alternative?

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  1. Susendeep D
    August 18, 2014 at 9:57 am

    It might be able to run it.But if it fails to run properly,then use compatibilty mode.

    See the article -

    Using Windows 7 or Vista Compatibility Mode