Why can’t my Samsung Fit be connected to a computer?
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I cannot connect my phone to my PC through USB to transfer files. Why?

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  • Pratik Haware

    I purchased galaxy fit a year back and have usually been connecting my phone as Naekku88 has said. But recently i updated my phone (from froyo 2.2.1 to gingerbread 2.3.4). Everything's working fine but now i can't connect my phone. I tries debugging usb on and off many times but it simply wont connect. My pc recognizes the phone but when i scroll down the notifications bar and select the turn on usb storage the bar simply scrolls up without doing anything. Anyone know the answer to this?? Please reply as soon as possible

    • susendeep dutta

      Did you tried what I suggested above.If you apply the method what I've suggested then definitely you can connect your phone to PC.

    • Pathfinder

      I tried everything mentioned above on my galaxy Fit... Still the pc is not able to recognize it..

    • susendeep dutta

      If any of the above methods didn't worked then backup your data and then factory reset your phone.After that try connecting your phone without opening Kies and open My Computer-->Your phone's drive.If it doesn't works,then try dragging notifications bar and tap on Connect storage to pc.

    • Kannon Y

      Samsung has some of the worst driver support in the smartphone industry. I actually had to get rid of a phone that didn't support x64 drivers. Fortunately, the Samsung Fit has the Kies software. If installed, Kies will install the required drivers.

      I have yet to see a Samsung phone with internal memory accessible over USB, with the Windows default drivers. You must install the USB driver software. You have two options - either install the drivers directly or, as Susendeep suggested, install Samsung's Kies software.

      XDA has a thread on this very subject and the required drivers for both x64 (64-bit) and x86 (32-bit).

  • abisho

    hello , thanx "Naekku88"..now i got it.thanx a lot

  • Mike

    lol thank you so much Naekku88.
    How could this solution be so elusive

    • Martin

      Great thnx been tearing my hair out with this problem - never believed in the turn it off turn it on solution before but it worked - brilliant

  • afdsfsdfsd

    Connect usb to phone, shut down phone, open phone. Done!

  • Hemangbdoshi

    i have purchased six month back samsung galaxy fit mb. i installeds kiss softaware in my pc. it working ok. But when last week when i connected phone to pc, on pc shows device is not reconised, also showing that device or driver not working. so i uninstall kiss & re install it but problem persist. so please help me. hemang

  • Chriskeating

    I tried this on Galaxy Ace and it worked a treat. Thank you

  • aasmatri0886

    settings>wireless and network>usb settings and select mass storage.if this is already selected go into settings>applications>development and turn on usb debugging.let me know how you get on!this is for galaxy s i9000 but if you find usb settings just change it to mass storage

  • Rsb9

    I have a galaxy fit and it doesn't work for me either- the pull down menu has no option for me to connect.  Also Kies won't install on my computer cas windows doesn't think the publisher can be verified. I insist it's okay, but it refuses to install it anyway. D:

  • Naekku88

    Incorrect, Susendeep Dutta.
    All Galaxy phones can connect directly to PC like a regular USB device.
    You just need to know how to do it.To connect the Galaxy Fit to PC (without needing Kies or any apps):1. Connect Phone to Computer using USB cable.2. Slide down top status tab (where the USB icon is on the top left)3. Select the "Ongoing USB Connected" tab4. Select "Connect storage to PC"Here are screenshot instructions from my Galaxy Fit:http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/pactio_kiss/galaxyfit.jpg

    • Susendeep Dutta

      It doesn't works for my friend's Samsung Galaxy Ace.

    • Naekku88

      This webpage is about the Galaxy FIT, not "Ace".

    • Susendeep Dutta

      I do know that Galaxy Fit is mentioned device in this question and I think that what connectivity solutions apply for Galaxy Ace must apply for Galaxy Fit too.

      I have tried many times the solution mentioned by you but it doesn't works.

    • Naekku88

      Read the title, friend:

      "Why can’t my Samsung Fit be connected to a computer?"

    • Naekku88

      I have not tried a Galaxy Ace.. but I think it should be able to be done using a different method.

    • Qussamalina14

      I tried many times doing what you told me but the results still the same. But then thanks fr answering. :)

    • Kikazz

      Try plugging it into a different usb port....
      That worked for me. :-)

    • Connectkishore1106

      thanks it worked great :)

    • Syetab

      kool man... this is gr8...

    • manoj

      thnks a lot

    • aman

      susendeep dutta is right.... i got galaxy fit and when we connect the fone to pc it doesnot show the usb button on right top... u need to install a usb driver..

    • Sloba

      Thanks man, this is the answer i was looking for.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Usually,I have found that Samsung's galaxy phones don't connect to PC by self installation of USB driver.

    To connect your Samsung Galaxy Fit,download and install Kies -


    If you are using win XP then make sure you have SP3 update and .Net framework 4.0 client version installed.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) -


    Then after installing,connect your phone to PC and open Kies.Let the Kies allow to detect your device.After completion of device detection,you can either transfer the data using the Kies software or use Mass storage method by going to My Computer-->Removable storage.

    Note - If you are using XP and want to transfer your data using Mass storage method then you have to always open Kies and wait till Kies detects your phone.

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