Is it safe for me to host a Minecraft server?
Question by Freddy Fairburn /
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A group of friends and I host a Minecraft server in turns. However, some of them are bothered by the fact that hosting a server can expose themselves to virus attacks.

We are connected in a network at Hamachi, and the network is protected with a password. Only real world friends can join his network.

Can someone tell me in a clear and unbiased way the risks of hosting a server? I have been hosting for months and I still haven’t found a virus.

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Answers (33)
  • rocketman29886

    i am making a SMP server are there ANY dangers to that?

  • rocketman297

    i want to run a simple SMP server on my computer but my friend says it is WAY to risky the thing is just for us and 1 other person is it completely safe... OR NOT!?!?!

  • Joe

    You can get hammachi for linux with haguichi as the front end for free.

  • Jack

    Hey I was using hamachi before until it changed to limitation of 5 but i have around 6-8 friends who want to play minecraft.. So i set up games and aplication port forwarding on my thompson router... This router has a firewall on it and i use windows firewall and i also have trend micro... Am i safe from hackers?

    • Robert

      The only security risk in running a Minecraft server over Hamachi, are the people you invite into the VPN, since Hamachi opens a breach in any firewalls you have implemented. I would suggest placing a firewall between the Hamachi server and the rest of your network. If you are serous about your server's security you could run a Minecraft server through OpenVPN on an SELinux'd box. If you like reading manuals, that is. OpenVPN is also a gaping security hole, so setting up some port restriction policies with SELinux is a good way to plug the holes you don't want filled.

  • chirsitan

    yea it's dangerous you have to be ready for everything.
    you can get att ddos attack if you don't have hamachi if you have your internet "IP"
    just get a good antivirus program and remember be ready on everything :)
    hope i helped you

  • James

    why wouldn't be safe ?
    there are lots of such minecraft sites , i think it does the same thing.

  • Ssssssssssssss

    you are gay

  • J Bird119

    I'm trying to make an minecraft server but I'm worried that people would try to hack my computer though the ip address and destroy my coumputer but what are the odds of that happening to someone?

    • Code360

      Do you have a anti-virus and firewall? also do you have a new version of windows?

    • Uliov

       Well I am about to attempt to host a server for a small group of friends, 15-20, however even when white-listed and all of what's been mentioned above is taken into consideration (I run windows 7 btw) the problem remains if the hacker can access my computer, my fathers' is on the same network, he runs his buisness from home, my fatehr and I worry and it seems our fears may be realised if I do commit to this, as we will be open to cedit card fraud and so on. It would be much appreciated if someone is able to tell me how to close the risk on his buisness?

      Thankyou in advance,

    • Uliov

       sorry, i did not mean to reply to Code360's post it was a general post based on the above discussion

    • ha14

      well that makes two computer to hack, first yours and then your fathers and also hacking server. If for any reasons you fear this then the best is to disconnect the network and have two separate pc. Also you can perhaps establish a certain firewall rules on your fathers pc to deny all incomes from minecraft server. 
      if hackers will be interested in you  then they must have a real  reason. 

    • Oron Joffe

      Where there's a PC, there's risk, but if you are using Hamachi and set up port-forwarding on the router properly, then the risk to the server is reasonable (after all, what's a server for?).
      However, to prevent any attack "leaking" to other PCs, I'd suggest keeping the server in a separate workgroup, and set up different accounts (usernames and passwords) than on any other PC in the home. In effect, this would not give the hacker much more access than they would have had without the server.

    • Bruce Epper

      Workgroups don't matter.  They do absolutely nothing for security.  They literally are only good for grouping specific machines together for browsing.  It would be a different story if they were using a Windows server with AD or going back to the old NT domain system where they could deny a trust relationship between the domains.

    • Mike

      Here is the simple fact:
      As soon as your computer has internet connectivity you are at risk e.g. for a hacking attack.

      Chances are someone already tries "hacking" your network at least once a week. But those "knock on the doors" are mostly from novice people using "cheap" tools who put in a random IP address which can occasionally be yours.

      As long as you follow the basic guidelines you should be fine.
      - Firewall (in 99% the router acts as one)
      - AntiVirus
      - don't download random files from unsafe sources

      Is running a Minecraft Server a possible risk?
      Well, of course it is. Minecraft allows connections to a local process and since it is running in Java there are probably various ways to exploit it.

      HOWEVER, unless you forward the necessary ports on your firewall (again, probably your router) people other then those on your local network or on Hamachi won't be able to connect to it.

      Since you only want Minecraft to be available via Hamachi
      (1) DON'T forward ports on your firewall, router or anywhere else
      (2) your friends will connect using your Hamachi IP and NOT the public IP you got from your provider.

    • Bruce Epper

      Put your server in the DMZ (most routers allow this option) and deny communications originating from the isolated server to the internal network.  If you deny all communications across the DMZ/internal border, you won't be able to play the game, but by denying incoming connections from the DMZ will ensure that even if someone gains control of the game server, they will not be able to use it as a launch pad to gain acess to other machines inside your network (they would be able to launch attacks to other machines on the internet though.

  • Brandonyoung9066

    ok i have a intel windows 7 planing on running a server i have a pretty good virus prevention program am i still at risk if so what is that risk

  • AdornedDemise

    I hosted a server through Hamachi... then I got hacked by some douchebag. I have no idea how... but then again, I was somewhat stupid when it came to Hamachi so... it was probably just me ^^"
    But now I dont' use hamachi. So I resorted to "Bukkit"
    and I'm still trying to figure it out.

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