How can I run a Torrent client and browse the internet at acceptable speed with Safari?
Question by justin /
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I recently started using Transmission for downloading stuff on my Macbook.
Whenever some Torrent file is downloading, I’m not able to browse the internet. Safari doesn’t navigate at all when the Transmission is running. But when I pause the download in Transmission, the browsing speed resumes normal pace.

Is there some setting which I need to update so that I can download files as well as browse the internet or do I need a new Bit Torrent client.

Thanks for the help!


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Answers (7)
  • Mohitk117

    You can limit the bandwidth on the torrent client and thus have more speed for your browser.... a torrent client download at max speed won't let you surf cause it's using all the speed for donwloading!

  • Justin

    ive read many articles on makeuseof which suggested that transmission was best for mac......!!! so should i delete transmission and use mu torrent client.....!

    • Aibek

      I think both of these torrent client are pretty good. Just use the one
      you like more.

  • Sam Jones

    If you use a client such a uTorrent which I highly recommend as does Frankie_82 you will have a "torrent setup guide" which will run tests on you connection/network and work out the settings for you.

    A little tip - it always asks you to close all other internet dependent software - don't - you want it to set up your client so you can use the internet comfortably so replicate that pressure on your network. I find it tends to set it a bit high on the the downland and upload rates so you do need to adjust it yourself as a final tweak.

  • Jimmy

    You can try Folx torrent client.(
    It allows to change the download speed while using Internet for other purposes.
    You can do it manually in Free version or even do it automatically in PRO version.

  • Mike

    It's not so much about the client you use but the settings.
    If you want to surf the web simultaniously you'll want to limit the bandwidth and global maximum connections for the torrent client.

    First you need to know what's your downstream and upstream bandwidth. You can either take a speedtest or take the advertised bandwidth of your ISP times 0.9 (since you usually don't reach the advertised bandwidth)

    I recommend setting the bandwidth limits to max 80% of your down and upstream bandwidth. If you plan to visit pages like youtube with video or flash you'll want to have ~200KB/s of download speed available - this way videos should play without buffering.

    As for the global maximum connections it usually depends on how much simultanious connections your router/modem can handle. A value of 1000-1500 usually works fine.

  • Frankie_82

    Let me say this:get another Torrent client(Vuze or even better,uTorrent).
    Personaly,I think that uTorrent is the best and I think that many people will agree with me.
    Also,you can make some adjusments with download/upload speed limits : set upload speed to 50 kbs and download to 100 mbs...
    Few days ago,I've installed Linux Ubuntu and Transmision is one of the programs in it...First thing that I did is to uninstall Transmision and get me uTorrent...I recomend you to get it

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