How can I run two programs simultaneously on one computer with a dual monitor setup?
Question by Chris /
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Setting up a dual screen display to show off middle school work. I’m attaching two monitors to one computer that has dual monitor out.

I need to run flash or WMP on both screens to display two grade levels simultaneously. How can I run the same program simultaneously? No, I cannot run flash and WMP it has to be the same program.

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Answers (11)
  • Pinoylivestreamk

    Thanks for sharing this one! Problem Solved :)

  • chris

    Mike! you are the man!
    Thanks so much, I to worked!

  • chris

    im looking to convert flash files in WMP format, so that i can use the solution provided by mike.
    The problems i run into is, the computers are in a school district and the restrictions are abundant.
    IF someone could tell me how to run two instances of flash on a single core computer, that would be the easiest solution.

  • Tina


    did any of the suggestions above solve your problem? What solution worked for you?


    Hello, you might want to check this post. A little bit old, but it should still apply to what you want to do:

  • Mike

    On Windows XP it is said that you can run multiple instances of WMP using the Start > Run dialog:
    1. Click Start > Run (Windowskey + R)
    2. type mplayer2.exe
    3. hit enter
    x. repeat this steps multiple times to get multiple WMP windows

    As for Windows Vista or 7 I can only think of using a software like Sandboxie

    Officially it is not possible to run multiple instances of Windows Media Player so if it's a video file the easiest method is to use some third-party player like VLC or Media Player Classic.

  • Anonymous


    yur programs should be compatibe for dual monitor. If you have dual core then possible you can assign each core to run a single program.

    UltraMon is probably the best utility for multi-monitor system because it has the most features. Unfortunately, it costs $40. However, what you get is this:

    Ability to quickly move windows or maximize windows across the desktop
    Control the position of applications with shortcuts
    Ability to have different wallpapers and different screen savers on each monitor
    Ability to mirror the primary display to a secondary monitor for presentations
    Ability to segment programs onto the appropriate taskbars

    best feature is the live preview like windows 7 does out of the box. Another advantage DisplayFusion has is that it connects to Flickr and allows you to automatically rotate your desktop wallpapers using Flickr pictures.

    The PRO version add some more features such as the ability to stretch one program across multiple desktops, better handling of windows between screens with different resolutions, theme support for second/third taskbar, etc.


    for a guide

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