How can I run a C++ program in Windows 7?
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How to run C++ program in Windows 7 32-bit?

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Answers (31)
  • Anonymous

    In 7th step after tc it shows “Failed to locate DPMI server”……

    Please help… What to do next….??

  • Konvictx Mahe

    i tried to open another program using dosbox due to which my installed c language is dissapear now.. how can i again open c???

  • Konvictx Mahe

    hi i have installed turbo c through dosbox but when i compiled my program it gives error i.e #include cannot be execute… what can i do now??

  • Sandhu1991gk

    How can i download turbo c++ in window 7 64-bit

  • Koushikcool15

    any one send me the link of turbo c++ 3.1 white screen version….

  • sweety

    how to run c,c++ in windows 7.

  • Patel_harshal1989

    how to open any cpp file which i have downloaded from mail

    • Tina


      I’m not sure what a cpp file is. Can you elaborate?

      In any case, I would recommend you to ask a new question. Please provide a thorough description of what you are trying to do, where this file is from, and where you downloaded it from.

      Thank you!

  • Patel_harshal1989

    how to open any cpp file which i have downloaded from mail

  • Rahul_kumar090

    Thanx…….it really work….thanx a lot

  • Abdul Rasheed

    I have installed DOSBox 7.4, created C file then compiled but not able to run program, the problem is .exe file not created, how to resolve the issue?

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