Can I run Microsoft Outlook on a tablet PC?
Question by Richard L. Williams /
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Can I run Outlook on a tablet PC? If so, what operating system do I need on the tablet?

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Answers (4)
  • FileReflex App

     I am using OutlookReflex android app. This works fine for me. I can access business emails on android on the move.

  • Peterpk85

    Hi, OutlookReflex works on both home and corporate environment. I personally use it for accessing my office mails.


    Hello, what platform does your tablet use?  If you have an Android and/or Ipad you might be able to.  If you were looking to install outlook, it is not possible but you might be able to run in in the following platforms by using the app shown in the link below: BlackBerry, ipad, Android, and  iPhone/iPod Touch.   Have a look at the following app, maybe it is what you are looking for.

    If you want to retrieve your email from a corporate environment you can use the following as long as you are using an Android based tablet:

  • Mike

    Since Microsoft Outlook is only available for Windows and Mac OS X ~ and putting OSX on your tablet probably won't work ~ you will need one running Windows.

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