How can I run my HP All-In-One printer under Windows 7 64-bit?
Question by Krishna /
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I have a HP All-In-One printer which runs on windows XP. This printer was functioning well with my old desktop computer with Windows XP 32-bit. This computer broke.

I now have a new desktop with Windows 7 Premium 64-bit. I hooked the HP printer to this and loaded the HP printer software, which was good for XP. The computer did not accept.

What should I do to make my HP printer work on the new operating system on my new computer?

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Answers (6)
  • Krishna

    Thank you all for your help. With all your guidance my printer now functions very well.

  • Bnowens

    HP should have an updated driver on their website. Try googling the model like "hp 4050 driver". The reason the disk doesn't work is that it was probably created before win 7 existed.

    • Hokrishna

      As you have suggested, I tried googling for the model and found the drivers for the Windows-7. I downloaded and installed the new drivers. My printer now functions very well.

      Thank you very much.

  • Michael

    I am using a HP Deskjet 4580 on Windows 7 64bit with the supplied software. However the downside I have found with it is it does not like working wirelessly so I am using the USB cable.

    If you have tried installing the supplied drivers and now are trying to reinstall you will have to completely remove all software already installed. I had to contact support to get the info.

  • Joe Phillips

    Can you be more specific about what does not work? I had a similar issue, and found that for most tasks, like scanning, I had to launch the HP program to get it to work. I was not able to just push the scan button on the machine.

  • James Bruce

    1. Don't install unsuitable drivers. Vista drivers may work with Windows 7, but XP drivers certainly will not.

    2. Run windows update. If Windows detects hardware without drivers or with updated drivers, it will appear under additional updates.

    3. Check the HP support download site. If there is no driver for Win 7 x64, Then try Vista x64... if no driver for that, then you're out of luck, it is not supported.

    Hope that helps!

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