Is it ok to run my computer for up to 15 hours without shutting it down?
Question by Alicia /
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Is it ok to run my computer for about 12-15 hours without shutting it down? I use my computer and I am online a lot and I do a lot of downloading. Please let me know.

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Answers (28)
  • Timdahl66

    Yessiree, never shut that bad boy down.

  • Jujdred

    Running constantly is what Server setups are designed for. Your average home desktop is not really meant to be left on long periods of time, but no usually occurs from doing so. Maybe some excessive log clutter and an over abundance of temp files accumulation as well as your pagefile never being optimized in any way. But all you'll see is slow downs. Hell, mine has been running 32 hours now just defragging my Game drive using the new Ultimate Defrag.

  • Ronnieaka

    well hell, what can i say... i am downloading movies and other shit on via torrents 31 all week and i just shut my laptop when i'm tired of it... just keep in mind though, keep it air ventilated well enough...and shutdown the resource hoggin apps on long runs. also close the sidebar shit.. useless when dling.

  • Jack Cola

    Here are my views:

    1. It won't hurt to leave your computer running 24/7 if it needs to be running. But if it doesn't, switch it off, it will save you quite a few $$$ if you switch it off

    2. Look at web servers, they are left running 24/7 without a problem. A large company I work for, we recently found a server that we have forgotten about, it was left on for 1700 days (about 5 years) and that was running smoothly. However, can be some issues as it has been on for so long, the elements cool down and can crack so it won't be able to boot again

    3. I heard somewhere, power consumptions for the worlds data centers are only like 3%, and half of that energy is for cooling (ie air conditioners)

    4. Lifespan - the longer it's on, usually, the shorter it lives. Since a Hard drive is mechanical, it has moving parts and they can only keep moving for a certain amount of time.

    5. Conclusion - best to turn it off when possible.

  • Timothybarham

    Seems to me to be like religion, conspiracy theories, climate change and vegetarianism.....choose what suits you and run with it!

  • Sadobea

    i also leave my laptop running for more than 24 hrs when am home and i haven't experienced any problem. i only shut it down when am in a moving vehicle. i would love to know, if it is good to shut it down when in a moving vehicle or just hibernate or put it to sleep

    • Aibek

      Good question! I think you should definitely shut down when on the move.
      I knew a person whose laptop drive crashed when he was on the move. It
      was on standby/sleep mode.

  • Mr. R.K.

    Don't worry your computer will live as long as they were built to run. Those who leave
    there computers running constantly make the electric companies profit even more
    billions. The electric companies CEO'S really could use some new mansions, luxury planes, yachts, golf courses and vacation resorts. Everybody raise there right hand and say, "We Solemnly swear to leave all our electricity running continuously, maybe the electric companies CEO'S will lower our utility bills and invite us to join them counting their profit's.

  • John Goulton

    If you have Pets, lots of carpet or heavy human traffic, do a spring clean on your CPU fan and heatsink, If you have always on broadband beware, the baddies will find you.
    If you live in countries where the power bills are going up,uP, UP allow your machine to hibernate. If like me you can't help yourself and buy new computers when you don't really need them, don't worry, we won't have them long enough to get any of the above problems OH! and I'll feel good knowing I'm not the only one addicted.

  • Michael

    Long term on time has been known to cause the micro-flopers (forgot the
    "technical name", the part of the cpu that thinks, the on off switches (010101) that process everything) to freeze to a permanent side.

    Also, long time battery pluged-in-ness can screw up its storage capacity in laptops. Oh and power bills are high too.

  • Josh Fox

    Does the power usage still come into the question if you put your computer to good use, even when you're asleep? You can always use your downtime to run virus and malware scans, work on a download queue, share some processing time for science, or compile software. Human fingers do not power a computer, only tell them what to do, and don't need to be present for the computer to do it's job.

    If you don't put your computer to use while you're away, sure, turn it off if you like.

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