Which is the best way to root and unroot a Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300?

Jaxx D August 7, 2012
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300. I am considering rooting it as I have heard it has some benefits, some of which would be of use to me. My question is what is the best and easiest way possible to root and unroot this phone?

I have read a guide at AndroidForums and it seems pretty good. I have also seen the XDA method, which I didn’t quite get. And then there is the Unlock Root software mentioned right here on MUO which does support my I9300XXBLFB build.

I am confused as I really don’t want to brick the phone and I don’t want to install a custom ROM as of now. Also the AndroidForums method shows that I have to flash it with stock firmware to unroot it. Is that really necessary and will I lose data if I do that? Also do I need to install the CWM recovery? What is it for?

I know it is lots of questions but I’m just an Android beginner! Thanks for your advice.

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