Vinay Kumar

How can I root Sony Xperia U and upgrade it to Icecream Sandwich?

27 Jul 2012
Chrome 21
27 Jul 2012 | Windows | Chrome 21

I recently bought a Sony Xperia U phone. I am entirely new to Android rooting. I have two doubts regarding my device:

1) How to update Android Gingerbread(2.3) to Icecream Sandwich (4.0)?
Ginger Bread is installed on my Sony Xperia U.
I want to upgrade to Icecream Sandwich (4.0), so can I know the complete procedure to upgrade? Do all phones have a common procedure to upgrade?

2) How to root my device?
I will be very thankful to you if you can solve my problem.

I searched this all over internet and on many sites, but none of them were able to answer my questions. I’m completely hoping you can.

Please do reply with your valuable advice and suggestions to this email.

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