How can I root Sony Xperia U and upgrade it to Icecream Sandwich?
Question by Vinay Kumar /
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I recently bought a Sony Xperia U phone. I am entirely new to Android rooting. I have two doubts regarding my device:

1) How to update Android Gingerbread(2.3) to Icecream Sandwich (4.0)?
Ginger Bread is installed on my Sony Xperia U.
I want to upgrade to Icecream Sandwich (4.0), so can I know the complete procedure to upgrade? Do all phones have a common procedure to upgrade?

2) How to root my device?
I will be very thankful to you if you can solve my problem.

I searched this all over internet and on many sites, but none of them were able to answer my questions. I’m completely hoping you can.

Please do reply with your valuable advice and suggestions to this email.

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Answers (14)
  • Jaspreet Dua

    You can upgrade and root your phone too.
    First install Sony PC Companion on your PC. Then connect Your Phone and do as follows.
    After upgrading you should unlock the boot loader here
    and then download and install flash tool and go to link and download this zip file
    and extract to
    and open flash tool. Go to settings and then into Devoloper options on the xperia u and tick usb debugging. Connect your phone to the pc and click on advanced tab then on root and then on force zergrush in flash tool. Thats it Your done.

  • kishor annaldas

    How to upgrade my Sony Xperia u android 2.3.7 to 4.0 I C S

    • susendeep dutta

      4.0 update will start in phases and will come up in December of this year.So,set your phone to keep checking for updates.

  • Aravind

    First you need to unloack BOOTLOADER



  • Rohan Sachdev

    1) Download Sony PC Companion on your computer
    2) Plug your phone into your computer using the USB cable supplied with the phone
    3) Let your phone be detected by the PC Companion
    4) If an update is available, it will notify you
    5) Follow the on-screen instructions
    That's for updating and I have no idea about rooting the phone.
    PS I have the same phone so the answer is pretty accurate, I guess.

  • Jason

    There is a official update to ics 4.0 coming very soon for xperia U.

  • Christopher Harlan

    Check out the XDA forums:

    They always have some great stuff on there!

  • UD98

    wait and see if there is an official update

  • Vipul Jain

    Since you are new to android world, wait for a few weeks or 1-2 months, Xperia U is in line to get an official ICS upgrade.
    So just follow some sony forums and goto your nearest service centre to get upgraded once it is out.

    Alternatively, if you want it now, and are not afraid of rooting/voiding warranty etc.
    Head over to XDA and search for your phone in the search option.

  • Kannon Y

    Hello Vinay, let me try and answer some of your very good questions
    (and please excuse any formatting errors that occur as a result of my
    poor HTML coding skills):

    1. Your particular phone does not currently have a method of upgrading
    to ICS without rooting and installing a custom ROM. I believe there are
    a few custom ROMS based on ICS on the horizon, however, but it may take
    some time before they begin appearing. I need to emphasize that right
    now the root methods used on your device are very easy to get wrong and
    will likely brick your device if improperly applied.

    Fortunately, it appears that a competent development team is hard at
    work on building custom ROMs. It's only a matter of time before the
    root process become extremely easy. Anyway, that said:

    The upgrade procedure for your Android version varies by manufacturer
    most frequently and also by individual device. These methods range from
    entering text in a command prompt to something as simple as a one-touch
    APK root installed from wtihin the Android GUI. Many of the phones in
    the Xperia series have similar root methods though, which is why a
    single root procedure works across multiple Xperia phones. However,
    despite the differences, there does exist a very loose methodology
    involves three basic steps:

    First, you want to get
    "root" privleges/access
    to the device in question. This particular
    devices requires unlocking the kernel in addition to getting root

    Second, you ABSOLUTELY must install
    a custom recovery
    . A recovery lets you "flash" (install) custom
    ROMs. It will also let you make backups (a MUST) of your existing ROM.
    It appears that the Xperia U's best method of getting a custom recovery
    is using Fastboot.

    Third, you flash the custom ROM/kernel.

    2. As mentioned above, root methods do exist for your device, but you
    should wait until these procedure become easier to manage, otherwise
    you may perma-brick your device.

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