How can I get rid of a S.M.A.R.T. HDD virus?
Question by bill standard /
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I clicked on a UK website and had a pop-up requesting a program smart HDD to run. I declined and it ran anyway!

Computer now tells me my hard drive has failed and I continually get a window called S.M.A.R.T. check, which I can’t close. My task manager will not run and I can’t access anything. Anyone know how to remove?

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Answers (7)
  • Rcuteri

     And Compaq is a defunct computer company.

  • Bob Brown

    Hey all,

    I am facing problems with mamual removal here of this virus.
    In I found these files:


    Another site is saying that I have to find these files:


    I looked up for those random.whatever And I can not find them... Can any one help me....

  • Thundorr45

    you can also boot into safe mode with command prompt & run system restore...
    If you are running Windows XP you need to type in to command prompt or paste :  %systemroot%system32restorerstrui.exe and press enter...
    If you are running Windows Vista or Win 7 simply type rstrui.exe and press enter, system restore will open and from there you can choose a restore point to before you got the virus.


    Hello, you could try doing the next steps:

    -- Restart your computer in safemode with networking.  To do so, restart your computer and keep pressing the F8 key.  Once a black screen comes up with several options, highlight safemode with networking and press enter.  Once safemode with networking is running, follw the next steps:
    -- Download the following free software:


    Superantispyware portable:

    -- You do not need to update the portable version of superantispyware but you need to update malwarebytes.  Double click on the superantispyware portable icon you downloaded and run a full scan.  Once complete scan is finished make sure to get rid of any entries it finds.  Install Malwarebytes and make sure to update the definitios for program.  Run a full scan and get rid of any entries it finds.  If you have an antivirus installed, make sure to update and run a full scan.  Once all programs do not find any more entries restart computer in normal mode.

    -- By now, most if not all entries that were causing the program to start should be gone.  Make sure to run full scans in normal mode again.  Also run a full scan with your antivirus of choice.  Once system is reported clean and you do not see any of the symptoms the program was causing, make sure to delete all system restore points.

    Follow those steps and you should be fine.  Combofix is good program too but I would not recommend to run it without guidance.

  • ha14

    install revouninstaller free version and see if there is any SMART program or suspecious ones, then uninstall.

    you can try combofix to clean windows

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