How can I get rid of Linux Mint without reinstalling Windows?

24 Oct 2012
Chrome 22
24 Oct 2012 | Windows | Chrome 22

I (stupidly) installed Linux Mint 13 Maya from a disc containing several Linux Distros (from a magazine). I tried Mint, liked it and when asked if I wished to install it on my hard drive I did. I did not create a partition for it (I just have Drive C and a ‘new volume’ Drive E which I partitioned myself before for extra space but not intended for Mint exclusively). I have no idea which drive it is on.

The ‘Grub’ menu comes up on startup and goes to Mint automatically and I have to scroll down to boot Windows. Mint has become very unstable and cannot perform updates properly and I just want it gone.

I do not have a Windows Installation CD/DVD as the laptop was given to me and I am no longer in contact with that person. I do not want to erase/format either of my drives as I will lose everything and I don’t want to do that.

I don’t know how to find which drive Mint is on. Would putting in the original disc which had Mint (amongst other distros on)  give me an option to remove Mint?

Would I have to go into Mint OS on my Laptop and try to uninstall it from there?

Any advice, suggestions, solutions, help will be much appreciated. Caroline.

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