How can I get rid of a AppleSyncNotifier.exe ‘.dll could not be found’ error message when booting my Windows computer?
Question by tugce /
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I have a Samsung laptop with Windows Vista. I have started using iTunes recently to synchronize w?th my iPhone.

After a couple of days when I turn the computer on, the error message “AppleSyncNotifier.exe – cannot find the element” started to show up. It says something like “As MSVCR90.dll could not be found, the application cannot start. Reload the application.”

I did reload it quite a few times, but I keep on seeing the error message every time I turn the computer on. Is there anyone with some other idea?


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Answers (6)
  • Isaac

    i have the same problemm except for windows xp any ideas?

  • Sijan

    This one worked for me.
    -- start-- type msconfig on search bar-- enter password if asked-- Click on startup tab-- find and uncheck any itunes/apple entries including quickplayer, MobileMe and bonjour on startup-- restartThanks FIDELIS.

  • Tugce

    hi everyone,
    thanks a lot for the suggestions, i chose the easy fix, and that disturbing message is not appearing anymore, life is nicer now!
    thanks again,

  • Aibek

    Hi Tugce,

    Are you still seeing the error? Did you try the suggestions above? Please let us know if you need any further assistance on the issue.



    Hello, if you only want an easy fix for your problem, you can disable the startup entry for itunes/apple using msconfig.

    -- start
    -- type msconfig on search bar
    -- enter password if asked
    -- Click on startup tab
    -- find and uncheck any itunes/apple entries including quickplayer and bonjour on startup
    -- restart

    This process only stops the error from appearing at startup. Also if for some reason you do not find any entries with msconfig, download autoruns and do the following:

    -- download autoruns
    -- open autoruns
    -- select the everything tab
    -- Look for entries like applesyncnotifier.exe or corefoundation.dll
    -- Make sure to uncheck the entries
    -- This stops the entries from startup with windows

    If you, on other hand, want to fix the the problems, what you do is this:

    -- Download the freeware version from Revo Uninstaller on this link:

    -- Install program
    -- Once finished installing, open program
    -- Find and highlight itunes, quickplayer and bonjour entries on screen
    -- click uninstall. A restore point will be made. When it is finished making restore point click scan. It will show you all the entries found for itunes/apple. Check mark the entries one by one, making sure they are the right ones and click delete. After doing this, either there are no more entries or there are still some file left behind. Check mark the files left click delete. Sometimes it is going to tell you some files can only be removed after a restart. If it tells you that, restart computer and then everything should be cleaned.
    -- Once computer restarts, install itunes again. This time there should be no old entries stopping you or giving you errors. Hope it helps.

  • Anonymous

    Download MobileMe and instal then reboot
    MobileMe Control Panel for Windows

    Uninstall MobileMe Control Panel and u will never get such error after boot . Uninstall and reinstall Itunes as reinstalling itunes will create a new copy of mobile me with the required .dll file.

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